Traditional Stoves supply and fit stoves from all the leading stove manufacturers, including Stanley, Henley, Arada and Mazona. Listed here are some of the more popular stoves, but we can usually source most stoves that are currently available from most manufacturers.


Waterford Stanley are an Irish company with a long and proud tradition, and have been bringing warmth and comfort to homes for generations, stretching back to when the first range cooker was made in Waterford in 1936.

The Stanley brand inspires instinctive loyalty and appeals strongly to Irish consumers. The sense of family, cosiness and a relaxed and traditional lifestyle are values that Stanley owners aspire to, and Stanley meets these aspirations with its collection of expertly crafted, cast iron range cookers and stoves.

Stanley combines superb craftsmanship and design to create products that suit a modern lifestyle and bring people together over good food, warmth and a strong sense of heritage.

Cara Inset

The Cara insert stove is the ideal solution for those who want the warmth and efficiency of a cast iron stove with the appearance of an open fire. New! The Cara Insert OSA (Outside Air) is now available. Please note when ordering, this is a new product and not a kit and needs to be ordered as such.


Sister to the Reginald stove, the Stanley Lismore is all that is good about the Reginald only 20% smaller in size and output. The Lismore is the first of our next generation of stoves to be available as a non boiler and is ideal for today's stylish homes. With its contemporary good looks, high performance and energy management, the Lismore is ideal for today's stylish homes.


Its the Erins versatility which means that it can burn wood, coal, peat briquettes or smokeless fuel. Combining the power and efficiency of its heat output, the Erin is the right choice for a larger home.


The Reginald stove is our largest dedicated wood burning stove with nominal outputs of 11.8kW. Designed specifically to burn wood, the Reginald comes with a dedicated grate and side loading feature to burn larger sections of wood.
Find out more on Waterford Stanley's website.



Henley Stoves are one of Ireland’s leading stove companies based in Kerry with an extensive background in the stove industry. The core aim at Henley is to provide a genuine quality product at affordable prices and to provide an exceptional customer service. They currently have 3 collections of stoves in their range, the Premier, European and Trinity Collection.

Achill Inset Stove

Henley Stoves Best selling Achill 6.6kw insert room heater stove is a fully cast iron stove with over 79% efficiency. Its convection based technology creates unrivalled constant warmth in your room. It will fit most standard 16/18″ fireplace openings.

Appollo Room Heater

Henley Stoves Best selling Apollo 5kw insert room heater stove is a fully cast iron stove with over 79% efficiency. Its convection based technology creates unrivalled constant warmth in your room. Also available in matt black.

Find out more on Henley's website.



Arada have been proudly producing wood & multi fuel stoves for over 30 years. Their Aarrow, Stratford and Villager range are produced with an obsessive commitment to design, workmanship and support.

Stratford Ecoboiler Wood

Arada's dedicated wood boiler features one of their biggest viewing glasses, providing an unhindered view of its glowing fire.
Featuring a modern design, clean-cut lines and a sleek handle, the wood boiler is certain to become the centre point of any room in an energy-conscious home.
Find out more on Arada Stoves' website.



Mazona Stoves are committed to distributing top quality carbon neutral stoves that also protect the environment. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere so our stoves burn wood - that carbon is then released back into the atmosphere. They offer a number of cast iron stoves, from the Orlando range to the Luxor and Cairo stoves all with airwash systems.




Find out more on Mazona Stoves' website.

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