Traditional Stoves have over 25 years experience in chimney repair, and can help you resolve any issues you might be having with your chimney, from fire damage to relining, or replacing your fireplace and installing your new stove.

Cracked Chimney

If you have a crack in your chimney, water will get in and soak into the chimney fill that surrounds your flu-liners. It will then work its way down, soaking into the walls and appear as staining on your interior walls. If this is untreated, it can cause damage to your block and plaster work.

Chimney Fire

After a chimney fire your flu liners can crack. The obvious symptom of cracked flu liners is the sand that is used to protect against fire falling on your fireplace. This can be fixed by re-building your chimney, replacing your flu liners, or re-lining your chimney with a flexible steel liner.

Traditional Stoves can help you fix these and many other issues with you chimney. Get in touch using the details on our contact page.


Blue Flame Certification Ltd is a UKAS Accredited Certification Body offering certification services in the Gas, Oil, Electrical, Building Services, Renewable Technolgies and Building Energy Efficiency fields.

Traditional Stoves are BLUE flame certified, and have successfully completed the "Blue Flame Certification Competence Assessment Relating to Building Service".

To anyone thinking of installing a stove read on.

Mine was installed by Dermot last August. Had never met him before. He arrived punctual. Worked extremely hard. I went on holidays and left him to get on with it. From the minute I met him I knew I could trust him. He did a brilliant job. It involved taking out back boiler. Breaking into chimney breast to make room for boiler. Tracked pipes down the hall. Replacing hot water tank. Every day he left the place tidy. Even the drive where he had all the machinery he covered it to make sure he could leave it as he got it. I know the product I bought was always going to be good but he went a wee bit Extra and ensured it couldn't be any better. I sent him a text on 13 November. It said "my house is warm and toasty. Thank you Dermot".
K. O'Neill, Dungannon